Octomatt back after a year

Wow, this site has grown remarkably over the past year! I'll never catch up with all the posts. As for me, I just haven't been much of an on-line guy since my home computer crashed last year. I recently picked up a Mac G4 for a swell price so I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

I've been trying to get through all the new stuff I've missed out on over the past year and it's dang near impossible. Amazing how the site has grown, and the community as well!

Anyone know what ever happened to the Discovery CHannel's documentary idea for the Messie discovery a couple years back? I thought they were going to do a big show on that...haven't heard a word on it.

Ja - the doco aired everywhere but the States. Bit of a hoot (not the doco - the fact it didn't air in the US of A). The problem was it was 2 hours long and all others in the series were 1 hour - it became a programming nightmare.
Aw, krunk. Thanks for the info, Steve. Anyone know where I might be able to aquire a copy of the documentary? NTSC format? I checked the Discovery Channel's site and, naturally, they're not offering it for sale.

Just wondering. I've been waiting for what seems like forever to see this thing. Any possibility of it being available for purchase in NZ? My best friend and his wife are honeymooning there as I type this...

Octomatt :bonk:
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