Octo toyz


O. bimaculoides
Jan 1, 2003
Hi all,
Well, sadly it is time to par down the octo shrine. Posted below is a couple of pix and as you can see it is getting out of hand! I will be bringing those that I want to sell to TONMOCon for the lucky ones who are going. I would really like to see these pieces go to someone who will appreciate them rather than a garage sale or thrift shop. If you are not going to TONMOcon, email me or leave a post and we can deal that way. Whatever is left is going to Dr. Wood in Bermuda, he's already benafitted from my last purge. Thanx and looking forward to meeting most/ some/ all of you at TONMOcon! :vampyro:


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holy cow!

i just found this site moments ago and created an account so that i could respond to your post.
do you have information on the convention? i can't seem to find any on this page.
your collection is beautiful. i am really interested in some of the items i can see, however the pictures are really small and a lot the detal is lost.
TONMOcom info can be found in a subforum of The Octopus' Den....

i might be interested in the maroon giant squid....
Oopps!!! Wrong pictures!!!!!!! Sorry everyone. I need to post what I AM selling, not all of it.. Forgive me O' great Cephalopod!!!

PS. Will re-post correct pictures a bit larger... :oops: :sink:
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