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Octo Tank

Jul 31, 2003
Im in the very first stages of getting an octo tank. Right now Im dealing with live rock. I heard some where that 1.25 to 1.75 lbs per gallon was recommended. Well Im planning on getting a 40 gallon tank for a bimac and was looking at Fishsupply.com to see the prices. Fiji Live Rock...1 Box/45 lbs for $99.00 looks like the best deal to me but then its only 1.125 lbs per gallon. Do you think thats ok?

Hey there,

When you go to order live rock, don't forget to consider shipping costs. Rock weighs A LOT!

I got my cured live rock from a fish store for a steal at $3.50 a lb, but I have seen it around pretty steadily for $4.00 a lb. This ended up being a better deal after ordering it when I included shipping costs.

Yeah that will do the tank and if you need to you can add lumps here and there from your LFS as many of them sell cured live rock to add straight to a tank :smile:
Surely Atlanta has some LFSs that sell salt water aquariums and they would have live rock (check the yellow pages). I'd think you'd want to see live rock and at least pick out a few pieces. You can get quite interesting shapes. Be sure to get cured live rock.


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