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Octo-proof HOB overflow

Sep 8, 2006
Okay, so I've been working with some ideas to octo-proof my hang on back overflow.

First I tried putting some filter screen over the U-tube, placed a slightly larger tube that fit snuggly over the end to hold the screen on, and it apparently interfered with the flow because the water pump in the wet/dry kept pumping it dry.

Next I tried chopping up a fish net with larger holes, and used the same method, to no avail.

Any ideas? The insight of people experienced with this is greatly appreciated.
I have an acrylic piece that's cut to fit the top. I think I'm going to drill a hole for the U-tube to fit through, and on the bottom side of it, glue a breeder net.
See that's what I was thinking basically when I fit the filter screen over the tube and put another slightly larger tube on it. Maybe the screen I'm using just doesn't allow enough flow.

For now I have a sponge over the tube, fitting snug into the box. I think it will suffice.

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