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OCTO (Octopus and Ceph Tank Owners) Database - Oh Yeah!!!

O. Eye

Nov 22, 2002
This is such a great idea! I have no beast yet, but hope to when I complete the very long list of things my wife has given me. I should be about 50 (I'm 29 now).

Anyway, what will the database look like? It would be so great to have a forum with pictures and movies or something like that (octopus sounds? :?) Anyway, this is a cool idea. I cannot get enough pics of your octos and cuttles!!! I'm sure the rest of us are the same way - some of you people are awesome photographers!

Maybe to fill out some kind of web-based template/form of easily accessed stats. Questions like, 1.) What kind of tank, drilled, screened overflow,... 2.) Primary food for your ceph 3.) Ceph size on date you got it, ceph size today? 4.) Sump (yes, no). 5.) Skimmer (Yep, Nope). 6.) Had octo's before? (Yep, Nope). 6.) Unique traits of octo 7.) Kind of lights 8.) Tank mates 9.) What got you interested in octo husbandry 10.) How did you hear about TONMO? 11.) I could type forever...

Anyway, to start off with - the same questions that forum moderators ask when someone steps in asking for help. It would be so great to already have it RIGHT THERE and in an easy to access format for the rest of us as well.

This is the first I've read of the DB so...I'm probably suggesting stuff that is already in the works.

At any rate - whoever came up with this idea - Great.

It would be cool too to have a little memorial place. Maybe a pic, a name, dates, and one sentence of whatever you'd like to write in memory of those creatures that we enjoyed and learned so much from. It would be neat to take a stroll through a virtual ceph cemetary.

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