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Octo not eating....help?

Feb 9, 2009

I looked on the search and could not find anything.
My octo has been in my tank (65gl some snails, fish, corals) for about 3 months and has been doing fine eating frozen shrimp. He now for the last week has not ate his shrimp. We fed him live fish in a jar twice, but other than that he fine. He has been hunting the fish like normal but now sometimes he uses the shrimp as bait to attract the fish in, but then he would dispose of it later without eating it.

What do I do?
Is this normal?
Im 85% sure it is a male, so no suicidal female.
Help please

sorry for spelling


Colossal Squid
Nov 19, 2002
He may be bored with the diet, try some live crabs. Also if you have old live rock there may be amphipods he's been eating.


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
I have also seen the bored with the same old food that Jean mentions. We try to give our octos something different at least twice a week (depending on what each will accept). Our staple is frozen shrimp and live fiddlers (sometimes quick frozen fiddlers if the live run out but Paul keeps me pretty well stocked :wink:). Ours have taken small pieces of frozen scallops but only once or twice and not again (this has been true of multiple octos if you can find fresh - never frozen - they might be more inclined to sample them more often). Small clams or ones you kill by opening them just enough to start the process (and the octo has to do the work), mussels and small oysters entertain Beldar but are not her main meal. Also larger hermit crabs (not the blue or red legged) have provided a challenge and a variety for Bel. I have not tried the larger hermits with my others but Paul expects to be selling them soon so SueNami will have the opportunity to check them out as well. Snails are also an option but tend to be ignored by mine after they have had other food.


Staff member
Jul 13, 2008
Mine always start out loving hermit crabs then end up bored with them. As mentioned above, I just start trying other things until I hit on something they like. Love it that your friend is using the shrimp as bait! Wish you could get some video of that!!!