Octo Labels

Apr 18, 2004
When a pet store calls and octopus a common brown octopus, are they usually referring to Octopus Vulgaris ??? Ive evjoy my little Octo so much i might turn my large 75 gallon into a Vulgaris paradise. :heee: [/i]
It should be a vulgaris, but unfortunately this term is used for many species. It's tricky because you need to know the species to determine the best temperature and conditions to keep your octo in and to know how big it will grow

Yea. I asked my local pet store if they could special order an octopus for be and they said that they could only order in blue rings and brown octopus. I'm gonna have to see if they can get a species name for sure or not. By the way do you think a vulgaris would be happy in a 75 gallon tank?
if they are talking about blue rings and 'brown octos' from the same area then it is very likely to be from Bali and that means either aculeatus or bocki. They are commonly seen on stockists list together
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