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Octo in a reef tank?


Oct 8, 2003
Heya everyone,

I've been researching, reading and finding out everything possible for about a year now in plan of setting up a reef tank. I've already got the tank and most of the material needed, but probably won't actually start setting up for another year (buying a new house) which will give me time to read a few more books and be sure I know everything needed before starting. Now, I definitely want a reef tank, but must admit I am really attracted by octos and would love to have one in it. I've read quite a bit and there seems to be 2 schools of thought. Some say octos MUST be in a species tank when others say that they can live happily in a reef tank as long as there tankmates are well chosen. I would definitely wait a year or 2 after setup to get an octo just to make sure I've got the hang of the tank. Can anyone share their experiences with me pls.
Hmmm, interesting, I realise that keeping an octo in a reef would require compromise between keeping the reef happy and the octo happy maybe by choosing inverts with lower light reqs. and keeping a lower overall bioload to compensate for the octo's messy eating. Some very beautifull reefs can be made without necessarily having any SPS or zoos, but with just some softies. I am more concerned with how an octo can get along with other higher tankmates. Are some species of octos less agressive towards fish? Which species of fish would be big enough to not end up on the octo's menu but also not harass him...

I firmly beleive that any fish in an octo tank is asking for trouble. Either the octo will eat them or the other way round! And any crustacean wont last long either :(

Sponges might be a good idea to make the tank more reef like ?
I have some sponges that came on live rock that have done well and are pretty, too.

Although the tank was set up almost a year ago, I am still getting surprises from the live rock. About a month ago I found a limpet, which is thriving and I seem to have several baby brittlestars, and they're growing.


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