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OCTO Database enhancements (v.1.2)


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May 30, 2000
If you own an octopus tank, be sure to add it to our OCTO (Octopus and Cephalopod Tank Owners) Database:

OCTO Database

FYI, I'm hoping to release an enhanced version (v.1.2) of the OCTO database. I'm not sure when this will happen, hopefully within the next month or so. Of course, all existing records in the database will remain in tact, and these enhancements will be laid over the data. Among the changes:

1: DONE. Display a "tank last edited on" date stamp on the homepage. For example:
There are more than 70 tanks in the OCTO database.
Recent Activity:  Nancy edited tank "Ollie" on May 1, 2003.
2: DONE. Increase the amount of space allowed for tank description!

3: Add a new field for "sex" when editing a ceph, cohabitant, or memorial. The drop-down will contain choices for "unknown / male / female".

4: Add capability for a small photo upload for the memorial section.

5: Optimize the search capability, including the ability to search for tanks by their last modified date.

6: Provide a ink to a list of a member's OCTO database entries from their Message Board profile page. The link on the profile page will only appear if that member actually has entries.

7: Enhanced error checking

8: Database optimizations, etc.
Wow! Nice improvements Tony...look forward to seeing them. That search function could be very useful...now we just have to encourage more members to register (and update) their tanks.

Ok, just implemented one fix -- for anyone who has been rudely cut off in their "Tank Comments" field (which is a lot of you), you can now go back to edit your tank and tell your full story. The text limit has been greatly increased.

I've made this a "sticky" thread so it stays at the top of the forum (pardon my intrusion, Colin and Nancy! :smile: )
Chipping away at the stone...

I've added a "Last Updated" field to the tank search / browsing results pages, so that it's easier to recognize newly created or updated tanks.

I'll extend this soon so that recently modified tanks are displayed on the Forum Index page and also the TONMO.com homepage.
...last tank created or modified is now displayed on the TONMO.com Homepage, and you will probably soon see it on the Forum Index page as well. 8)

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