[NOTICE]: TONMO.com overhaul


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May 30, 2000
Like the shape-shifting octopus itself, TONMO.com is evolving yet again... :roll: :bonk:

Ok, I'll spare you the prose... the deal is that I'm working on a major upgrade to TONMO.com, such that I'm changing the core software infrastructure that powers it... :goofysca: There's good reason but not worth discussing... So, you'll see some weirdness on this site over the next week or so, I imagine...

I mean, weirdness that's out of the ordinary... :wink:

The main objective is to preserve all content, usernames/passwords, images, etc. Wish me luck, and thank you in advance for your patience! :smile:

Thanks Joel -- watch this space for updates... I'll keep a list here, if only to keep me organized on it, maybe you'll find it interesting...

Here's the work in progress. PLEASE DO NOT POST THERE, thanks ever so much --

Forum list

Key Tasks: (this list will grow large)

Purchase software [done]

Install software [done]

Run successful email system diagnostics: [done]

Run successful file upload diagnostics: [done]

Integrate TONMO.com logo and copyright info [done]

Conform to 800 pixels wide, insert TONMO.com navigation [done]

Attempt database import (rough cut): [done]

Restrict access to Supporter's Forum: [done]

Configure Forums to show all threads: [done]

Add custom profile preference: [done]

Configure Who's Online Now settings: [done]

Fix Smiley issues and categorize: [done]

Assign users to usergroups: [pending]

Manage permissions: [done]

Admin Timeout: [done]

Turn off Template names: [done]

Configure color settings and forum designs: [pending]

Set up moderators: [pending]

Front page /Splash page integration (BETA): [pending]

Import Image Gallery: [pending]

Integrate w/ OCTO DB: [pending]

Fix "all posts dated Jan 1st, 1970" issue: [done!]

Re-establish announcements, locked, and sticky status: [pending]

Note: I'll be editing this post regularly to update status, add tasks, etc.
BTW, if anyone out there wants to make any observations on the test forum, by all means please post any input, concerns, etc. here in this thread. I may already be working on it but haven't added it to the list yet (which will be very long before long). I may not act on all suggestions, but your input will be greatly appreciated!
Cool new features to note:

1) Similar Threads: at the bottom of threads, there will be links to five other threads like it, based on analytical logic within the system

2) More User profile control (profile picture, birthday, primary ceph interest)

3) Calendar

4) Thread display customization / message editing interface options

5) Thread subscriptions -- get email notifications re: new posts in your favorite threads, and/or have them listed in your User Control Panel.

6) Paid subscriptions (integration with PayPal for the TONMO.com Supporters program)

7) Personal ingore / buddy lists (I kinda miss pakoc now... :wink:)

8) Auto-detection of Daylight Savings

9) Special Users (e.g. Supporters) keep their ranks (e.g. Architeuthis)

10) User "Reputations" (uh-oh... :mrgreen:)

11) Post public notes to users (kinda like a guestbook for users)

12) Many Webmaster intangibles :police: :wink:

There's more, but I think these are the highlights...
Phew! Just spent the morning dealing with a very close call, almost brought the house down... :goofysca:

Here's a sneak peak at things to come, still rough --


The main "post" there in the middle will be a news-ish type area, where only certain users (i.e. moderators/scs) can post hot items. This is still being worked out.
:notworth: WOW!!!! Looking good!!! Did I see Colin is our top poster???Is that for today??? Or for all time???

Anyway looks great Tony!!

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