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May 30, 2000

Just FYI, the Cephalofun forum contents (and the associated content section) has been folded into the Culture & Entertainment forum and content area of WhiteKiboko is our moderator. 8)

Our friend Adam Clem has decided to leave the staff, I'm sorry to report... but I'm happy to say he'll remain a member (a Supporter, in fact).

THANK YOU Clem for all your work and contributions to our community. Staff or not, you really make a difference here, and I know I'm not alone when I say your posts always make for very worthwhile reading.

And thanks WK for taking on this ever-growing area of interest on Keep up the great work, and THANKS!

Thanks for the accolades, guys. I'll still be making the odd foray into takoland and ikatown, but it's time for me to buckle down and prepare for a return to the academic world. Too bad there are no PHD programs in cephalopod symbolism. We deviants will just have to make do here at TONMO.


(To the tune of "Come Sail Away" by Styx, as performed by Eric Cartman.)

Yours truly,

um... said:


As an undergrad, I studied modern architecture. My thesis was devoted to Marcel Breuer, one of the first students at the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany. He's best known as the designer of canonical tubular-steel furniture, and as the architect of the Whitney Museum in NYC. A couple of years ago, I started to think about getting back into the game, and then a Breuer scholar who'd read my thesis referenced it in her work on the architect. That was a big, honking "Go back to school, you idiot" moment.

Still, I've been out of that world long enough to make me nervous about re-entry. I'm rusty, and suffer from an advanced case of feeling over the hill (which I'm told is an utterly stupid attitude to have). Assuming that I can get it all moving again, I'd like to look at the relationship of modern architecture to the aviation industry in Germany, in the years 1919-1939.

Mostly, I want license to say "Focke-Wulf" in a classroom.


Yours truly,

Hey o.v.,

Totally appreciate your enthusiasm! However, I guess I should manage expectations and say that I have no intentions of adding to staff at present. I think we're at a good place and our team is doing a great job of keeping our community lively and focused. I'm excited about this year -- I think we're going to have lots of great content, an even larger and more active community, and hopefully a TONMOcon event to bring us all together! That will be so awesome, I can hardly stand it. :biggrin2:
Easy on more push and he might.....BAM !
Do love those 190's Clem...hope you can keep us filled in with your work, or at least as much as we can understand! :grad:

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