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Newbie Question


Dec 5, 2003
I am new to the forum and have a question. Is my tank set up to have an octo:
29 lbs of Live Rock
18 watt 50/50 reef sun lighting
3 inch deep live sand
100 watt heater
Bio Wheel filter (Carbon)
Prizm Skimmer ( for tanks up tp 100 gallons)
Running for about 14 months
Ph 8.3
Nitrates 0
Nitrites 0
Ammonia 0

Any help would be greatly appreciated
:welcome: Chipper!!

Your tank would be perfect for a bimac for a few months, but would outgrow it and eventually need a bigger tank. :smile:
Also, lighting isn't necessary for most cephs.
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com.

Colin and I are in the process of revising our recommendations for keeping an octopus (a bimac) and are increasing the tank size recommendation to a minimum of 50 gallons. Some of the bimacs grow rather large and, to be comfortable and move around a bit, need the larger tank. It also helps handle the waste produced by the octopus. ou could have a younger octopus or a dwarf in a smaller tank like you have, but most people prefer the bimac.

All the best,

Your tank should be ok for an octo, but the size would only allow smaller octo's to live comfortably ( adult ) with space to swim etc... If you're planning to get the smaller octos, I suggest that the light be less strong as most of them are nocturnal. You could try "moon lighting" :smile:
Thanks everyone. I am planning on upgrading my tank to a 55 or 75 gal within the next couple of months. I woulf put the octo in the 29gal in the mean time. How do you octo proof a tank? I have read that you can use nylon stockings to cover any openings they might crawl up. Also what is "moon lighting" where do you get the light bulbs for that?
Hi Chipper,

Although bimacs may tend to escape less than other species, they do occasionally make a run for it. We know of two bimacs who have gotten out of the tank - one died on the floor, and the other was found in time.
So duct tape to seal a cover (with some vents) is very useful.

I used netting to cover the overflow opeinings and other places where a small octo might crawl in. Some people have other solutions.

Moon lighting is that blue light we see in fish stores, they simulate moon light , hence the name, They can also help make some corals light up literally ( #$$&^ I can't remember the word for it)
Thanks. So basically all I have to do is install a moonlight, octo proof the tank, and make several caves for the octo. I have a couple of questions before I start coverting my tank into an octo tank:
1. What kind of light cycle should I have with moonlights and regular lighting?
2. I was think of putting in some legos, marble, and seashells for toys?
3. I do 20% weekly water changes should I keep doing that kind of water change a week? If the octo inks it is a 33% water change immediately right?
4. I have two powerheads in the tank right now is that to much water circulation? I also have and airstone that I have used for decoration in the tank.
5. I have 10+ hermit crabs in the tank which I will assume will be the new octo's food for the first couple of days. What is the best food for an octo. If you can get them to eat frozen food can you soak the food in Zoecon, Marine Zoe, or Garlic Xtreme? HOw often does everyone feed their octo and how much?
6. What is the preferred method of accilimationof an octo?

I know their are quite a few questions, any help would be appreciated I just want to make sure that I have everything down before I commit to taking proper care of an octo. Once I have a couple of questions answered I will rearrange my tank and attach a picture to get a final okay from everybody in the forum.
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