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Newbie Q


Pygmy Octopus
Feb 4, 2003
Im new to this site, but I have been in the SW for close to a year. And have some questions so if you could all please help:

1. I have a 55 gallon tank setup with 45 lbs of lv, and dont know how much on sand. Should I make a deep sand bed?

2. I would like to get one bimac(Ive been searching around for some time and seen that bimacs are the most tolerant). But the problem is that I live in Puerto Rico. Is there any site that will ship internationally? I know of an lfs that can sell me one but its the atlantic octopus, and that one will outgrow my tank.

3. Can Bimacs outgrow a 55?

My filtration right now is a wet/dry filter with built in protein skimmer
Any other suggestions or reccomendations would be very appreciated, thanks again. :biggrin2:
I'm also pretty new to this so the others will have to forgive me if I'm incorrect on anything. I believe that deep sand beds are looked down on a bit for octo keeping. I believe most people will recommend shallow substrate ( about 1" ) for a bimac. I don't know about international shipping but check sites like fishsupply.com and liveaquaria.com to see if they will. 55 is a good size tank but the atlantic might outgrow it, a bimac would be happier in there. Youre filtration sounds good but you will need some more oxygenation/water movement. Octos need a lot of oxygen so invest in a couple powerheads/aireators. Also make sure your tank is escape proof, they can get out of the smallest cracks (although bimacs aren't as well known for escaping as others). Also make sure the aquarium has never been treated with copper, as this will almost surely kill your octo. Good luck, and keep searching this site, there's a lot of info on it! John
John has offered some pretty good advice there! :smile:

I would stick with the wet/dry and forget about DSBs after approx 3 years they all crash anyway, regardless of whether it is a octo tank or a reef tank!

Best advice is to phone as many of your local shops as you can, they all get there stock from the same places as the americans do anyway, its not out of the question that they can get them for you, most livestock comes through LA or Miami..

I have a problem, I rarely use RO water, but I just realized that Im going to have start using it. Should I just slowly start adding RO water to the tank and after a couple of months like 3 or 4 add the octo? And also, I just found out this site that sells Bimacs and will ship here. The site is www.marinedepotlive.com , has anyone ordered from that site?
Hi Tonka

dunno about that site but they seem to have their bimaculatus and bimaculoides mixed up anyway :smile:

When you are doing water changes just use 100% RO water and replace when needed... if its an existing set up you could get all your water parameters checked out just now, especially copper.

I asked fish supply and they cant ship here. So looks like my only hope for now is marine depot, I might take the chance and buy it but I wouldnt like to get the wrong type of octopus.

And also what other critters can you keep with the octopus, I know that the options are very limited but I was thinking something like a sand sifter star, or something else. Thanks.

starfish and urchins arn't bothered by octopuses but on one ocassion i did remove a diadem urchin cuz the octo kept on jagging itself on it trying to steal its food!

The chance of not getting the species you want is just one of those things we have to put up with...... Not ideal but perhaps may improve with time and efforts like Chris's bimac breeding

thanks, really appreciate the info, but just out of curiosity what is the min. tank size to keep a bimaculatus in? Or what are other good hardy octopus that are readily found and will fit in my tank, if there is any. thanks.

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