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new to this what do you think


Nov 7, 2006
so i have been contemplating keeping a ceph for about 6 months now. I currently have a 125g aquarium with two fluval 404 filters, a seaclone skimmer, live sand and about 100 pounds of live rock. the tank has been up for about a year now and i have kept everything from clowns, anenomies, and lions, to a banded cat shark that did really well. I was wondering what would be the best octo for a tank and setup of this size and where i might go about finding it. Also if you have any ideas on how i could improve my setup it would be greatly appreciated. there is nothing worse than getting an amazing creature and not being able to take care of it. thanks
Looks like you are well on your way. As for Octo for that environment, sounds like you have plenty of room. Probably anything smaller than a GPO would work alright.

Good luck!
Might be a wee bit small for an adult vulgaris. How about a briareus, or even a bimac.

thank you for the help. i have a question, right now i have a very large carpet anenome in my system. can i leave it in or will the octopus be stung. it sits in a far corner of the tank so if i build the den on the other side will this still be a problem. Also any ideas on where to get an octo i live in the bay area. I went to my LFS today and all they had was blue ring (very very bad idea) and im not interested. thanks
Zyan Silver has 80 Bimac's that need a home. Try him. He had them for a school project. They are three months old. I talked to his dad last night and they are ready to find homes for them. Good Luck.