New to this list, and WOW!


Blue Ring
Mar 23, 2004
Hey kids! I'm new to this list. I'm a member of a Yahoo! Group
called TheAwesomeGiantSquid, which is how I found this site.

Anyhoo, that photo of the living Architeuthis was really quite
something, huh? :shock: I honestly cannot believe that that
didn't make the news like some many other giant squid "washings,"
if you know what I mean.

Also, I heard something a few months ago about a so-called
"colossal squid." Has this been discussed in recent posts?

Well, I've been fascinated with (actually, TERRIFIED by the concept of)
the giant squid since I first heard about one. Believe it or not, I
recall the exact moment--it was when I was in the first grade
(circa 1975), and my classroom had these Collier's (I think)
children's encyclopedias, and it had a page dedicated to the giant
squid. Very cool!

Oh well, enough of this--I've gotta help my five-year-old daughter
complete a level on Spyro the Dragon. :wink:

Hollidaysburg, PA
:welcome: Vincent!

Yep, most of the colossal squid discussion is on this thread, and there's a fact sheet on it here. Hope they help - feel free to post any questions you don't find answers to and we'll do what we can. :meso:
Welcome, Mournblade. Hope you enjoy the site.

That colossal squid specimen really was quite something. This is THE site for information on it. Don't forget you can use the 'Search' option at the top of the page whilst in the forums to look up details.



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