New to the game


Jun 8, 2007

I'm new to this hobby. VERY new....A friend of mine (we also work at the same hospital) has had reef and species tanks for awhile and I'm very interested in a bimac. The only experience I've ever had was a cat fish that lived for ten years in a 3 gallon tank. No joke. I had it all through middle school and gave it to my uncle who had it for 4-5 years. His name was Charlie and was about 4 inches long....

I want an octo for the unique interactive experience. I love all animals, always have. I enjoy the bonding experience, "making contact", if you will. Marine animals have also always interested me, certainly the intelligent ones. Currently I have one cat. He is fat and happy. I always take great care of my animals, better than myself sometimes!! The one year lifespan is sad but of no great problem. I'll just enjoy their friendship that much more.

Anyway, I've been lurking and learning and decided to join even though I have no aquarium at all. I've learned more about cephalopods and their behavior from this site than the rest of the entire internet. I'll keep learning and doin' research before jumping in. Lots to absorb but with my friends help and that of the TONMO community I should turn out to be good example of someone who came to the hobby from outta nowhere and succeeded! I will try to be a good example of "expansion" in this hobby...

Thanks for having me-Jonnie

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