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Nov 11, 2006
hello i am new to this site. i love animals especially underwater dwellers and i am looking to pruchase an octopus. i have the space and money for the tank and i have a very experienced friend helping me every step of the way to make sure i dont lose a lot of money and make a catastropic mess. what my question is, does anyone know of a good online store to purchace an octopus?
:welcome: Welcome Big Matt -- before steering you toward a ceph provider (though if you read our Ceph Care forums you'll find the relevant discussions), can you tell us about your tank and setup? Are you and your friend sure you're ready to make the purchase? Moreso than any money lost, let's make sure you're ready to give the ceph itself a good home! From what I can tell, even the best experts will sometimes "lose money" from their investments in this hobby -- but job #1 is ensuring you've done all you can to provide a viable and comfortable habitat for your octo. I'd say the financial viability of your plan should be job #2 or so!

So what's your setup like? Whether or not you and your tank are "ready", you've definitely come to the right place for support! Thanks for coming onboard --
:welcome: I too would like to encourage you to read all the ceph care articles thoroughly. Right now there's a thread about tank set up going on that you would also find useful. Unless your friend has experience keeping an octopus, his/her experience in aquaria is likely to be of little use. Many experienced reef keepers have found that they have a lot of learning to do when it comes to octopus. Good luck and happy reading!:biggrin2:
Hi and welcome to! :welcome:

For information on current octopus availablity, check the Octopus Availability thread at the top of the Octopus Care forum!


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