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New to Octos!!

Itz Irish

Dec 7, 2007
hello everybody, im irish, nice to meet everyone ( =. a good friend of mine from Reef Central referred me to this site to ask some questions about an octo tank. i have a 40L and reallllly want an octo or a cuddlefish, im thinkin more along the lines of a octo because the personality. i am a junior in Highschool, but i am in good relation with my LFS owner, so i can get about any octo. i need some help, i want an octo that is as diurnal as possible, and that has a great personality. i have heard most octos are hardy once you get them established. is this true? i have a skimmer, soon to be a fuge with cheato algae, and im thinking about picking up an RO/DI unit. should this keep the water clean? thanks for all the help (sorry this was so long!!) nice to meet everyone again!
Well, if you want to keep an octo in 40L you'd only be able to keep an o. mercatoris or another similar dwarf which is nocturnal, but even then at least 30 gallons are recommended. It would be better to get a larger tank (about 55 gal.) then you will have many more choices for diurnal octos. RO/DI, skimmer, and fuge will all help greatly,
There are options for a 40L. Since it is 48" long it gives the octo room to move around. Fifty-five is better, but you will be fine with a Bimac or similar (though Bimacs are probably tough to get over in Euro). O. Macropus or O. Luteus would be good choices for a short tank. It would probably be hard to get one of those species though. If you keep up your parameters and make sure there are no escape routes you should have a good experience.
does 40L mean "40 gallon long" or "40 liter"?

In any case, :welcome: to TONMO!
nopee i live in Ohio (i actually am irish but thats my xbox live gamertag, and i have met people on here before so i always put it justtt in case) my badd i shoulda said 40 long, my apologies :oops: are there any that are decently diurnal or not too shy? i have numerous ideas for "toys"/mazes. such as a clear pvc maze!

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