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New to Octo's, what could I put in here??


Jun 17, 2004
I have an extra 60g tank, that i was thinking about putting an Octo in, I've done some reading, but can only really find info on Bimac's. I'm in AZ and my water temps stay around 78, which would mean I would prolly have to get a chiller for this guy. Any other octo's that would fit in this tank, that I could get my hands on, that don't require a chiller?? If not I have a friend that would let me borrow one of his extra's, I think it is 1/3HP, a little overkill but it would be free. Give me some feedback please. I saw lots of different Octo's for sale on these links
and was just curious if I could put any of them in my 60 gal. Thanks again.
Hi Darky

i am not sure just how up to date the list on that site is??? Its been up for a few years so i guess just trial and error will a few emails will let you know if they still sell cephs, but be prepared for them not knowing what species they have... very common problem.

If you can get a chiller then I'd go with that, at least for the first octopus and get a captive raised bimaculoides... It saves wild stock being caught and they are very adaptable to captive situations...

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