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New Tank?? HELP!!!!


Feb 27, 2003
OK I am getting a new tank today. WHAT AM I DOING?????:bonk: I already have a 125 SW, 90FW, but I just couldnt say NO to a 36L x 24W x 36H freaking tank!!!! I have MTS bad (Multiple Tank Syndrome), I just dont know if i can handle another tank!!!!, but it could go there and then I could split my Live Rock and have two sw tanks and put some corals in it,,,,,,,,WAIT,,,, what am I doing!!!!!!!!!:confused: Just what in the Hell am I doing here, there arent any octos avail. any way!!!! Help me, Im losing what little mind I have left.....


Well YEAH!!! Its a way cool tank that will sit on the floor. Just couldnt resist. Im trading a 75gal:roll: comes with lights and a canister filter. Just worried im getting over my head with tanks. LOL:rainbow:
Well, that's a big tank! Yes, you have MTS bad :smile: But then, you have lots of live rock and are already set up for a large tank, so what's one more?

There are octos available, you just have to look about for them a bit. A few are from the Florida coast, most probably from Indonesia. Several new octos have been added to our family in the last few weeks.

Well Hi there Nancy!!!!! I dont know If im ready for another octo yet or not......but with another sw tank:mrgreen: :roflmao: My hubby is bringing it back from Houston today. Go figure the one that really complains the most about my tanks, just keeps bringing them in ,,hmmmm
Maybe Im slowly converting him:sly: :roflmao:

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