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New setup


Apr 25, 2004

Over the last month ive been reading up on octopus (forums books articles) and their requirements so i think its time i got one so im just goining to rum past what i think im going to get.

20 gal (on RC someone said i can keep a bimac in this correct me if im wrong)
In the back of the tank a box with tiny slits in it to draw water in and through the skimmer.
Another box with powerheads in and the inlet to a powerfilter and in the box mentioned above the outlet is in there.

is all this ok.
if anyone has any advice fo me that would be great.
what should i do about my hood.

tanks :biggrin2:
:welcome: to TONMO, Marine Mini!

A 20 gallon would be too small for a bimac, we recommend a 50 gallon or higher. :smile:

Looks good other than that.

Your hood doesn't have to be anything special, I used duct tape on mine but it kept getting in to the water. Bimacs aren't known to escape, but it's better safe than sorry. :wink:

Good luck! :smile:
Hi and welcome to the forum...

A 20 is too small as Nick says... they do get bigger than people expect

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