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new picture of octo


Oct 13, 2004
check my baby, this is Kraken he is a bimac and we've had him since January. He had a little brother who succumbed to bubble curiosity.
How large of an attatchment can be added to a thread? I have two videos of Kraken but they are really big, 73 and 102 MB. THey are very cool though.
Hey, one of my pics is finally up on the octo image thing. He is the first one sitting in a conch shell. Hopefully the others will pop up soon, this is the first pic I took of him where I spent all day setting up the camera finally got it working and he decided to go take a nap and not come back out.
There are still more pics to come. I think I uploaded about 8 or 9. Right now the last 5 posted are all Kraken. WE went a little picture crazy.

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