New octopus :D


Jul 17, 2006
in about 10 min my octopus briareus (after being drip acclimated for two hours) will get to see his new home :biggrin2:

I got him via ebay shipped up from florada over night. his arms are in tact and he seems stressed but healthy. His mantle is a little under two inches long.

so excited! (and a bit worried...okay really worried)

all of the parameters tested at zero (nitrate 0-5)

sorry not pics for you because i'm keeping the room as dim as passable in an attempt to make the octopus more comfortable.
thanks :smile: hes in the tank now but so is the bag. ill let him come out in his own time. i left the room for about half an hour hoping he would feel more confident to leave the bag but no such luck. he has however repositioned him self so that hes facing towards me & the computer(the most prevalent source of light in the room)
Sounds like you've got the right idea. I like letting them climb out into the tank on their own so they don't have "ESCAPE" on their mind when they enter it.

How quick was the shipment?
wile my back was turned the octo disappeared into the aquarium. i did manage to catch a glimpse of a tentacle though :smile:
live arrival. check
successful acclamation. check
tomorrow ill see what i can do about feeding him.

[EDIT] overnight shipping
by the light of my computer i caught my octo climbing all over the back of the tank holding onto my hydrometer. this is the first time iv gotten a good look at his arms. as it turns out he only has 5 and 1/2 of them.
he seems to have stopped associating me with a monster. i just had a 10 minute stare down with him and he seems to want to get a good look at me too :smile: i didn't expect to see much of him for about a week.
it turns out the fine netting i put over the overflow was too fine. it clogged and was partially torn off! im very lucky the octo didn't take that opportunity to escape. i cleaned the netting off and re glued part of it. knowing that this will likely break wile i am at school and no one is home is driving be crazy. iv been searching franticly throughout the house searching for alternative netting. no such luck. their no way i can fall back asleep now. id like to stay home from school to make sure this doesn't happen and have my dad bring some netting home after work but i highly doubt my parents will be okay with that VERY VERY worried..........
he seems to be healthy active the ideal specimen and thinking that i could loose him to something like this is driving me up the wall.
i dont know what to do at this point.
The mesh I used was pretty fine, and clogs every few days also. I use a wooden skewer to punch holes through it, and a baster to squirt water through it so it drains.
the netting did become clogged and did in fact come loose but iv lucked out again and the octo didn't take advantage of this, im getting some better netting today
i tried cutting a few hole in it and if i agrivated it it will stay unclogged for a wile but not the whole time im at school, thanks for the baster tip
hes taken up residency in a large cave formed by my live rock that sits up against suprized that he hasn't added doors(i have plenty of shell in their)

so today i was staring at him resting in his cave, he woke up after a wile, and reached out and touched the glass where my face was, diffidently not a shy one :biggrin2: (not anymore anyway)
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