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New Octo!!!


Sep 30, 2005
Well, I finally got my tank the way I want it and put my order in to Octopets earlier this evening for a bimac. This will be my first bimac, and I just can't wait. I'm so nervous though, hoping I don't kill the little guy within a couple of days. I feel like I'll do something stupid, or just plain forget to do something. I think I've read over the ceph care sheet and bimac sheet a little too much. Like wearing out a vinyl record!

Signed completely paranoid, yet happy!
M :hmm:
It's ok to be anxious...I still am every time a new animal arrives, and that's been for a long time !!
Looking forward to hearing more about the little one, and maybe seeing some pics too !
Did you read up on the whole acclimation bit?

I always kept a Chocolate Chip Star fish named "Chip" with my Bimac, never any problems, except the one day that "Ollie" decided it would be fun to carry chip all around the tank. I think she was just trying to get me to play w/ her tho, casue I must have taken the star away from her 3-4 times in a few hours. Chip out lasted the little escape artist, and got moved into my reef, until he ate A LOT of coral, then he got imprisioned back into the original tank when my roomate started it back up. I think once my new tank is cycled though, I will put him back with a Bimac.

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