New Octo!!!!

Well, Jetta slept during the day yest. No sign of her all day. Then when the lights when out and the moonlight was the only thing on she came out. She is so beautiful. Spent most of her time out checking out the tank and looking for food. I placed three large shrimp in the tank which she had no problem finding, she just sits in one place and her tent.'s come out of everywere to get them :smile: Gonna have to get more food for her, she eats more than all the others did. At least she is eating very well. I hope she makes it for a little while. I fed her a scallop and she really went for it so i will get more today.
As of this morning Jetta has rearrangened the LR and created a den of some sorts and seems to be hanging upside down. Dont now what she is doing but she seems fine. I bought a small live lobster for her and put it in the tank, she killed it at once and drug it over to her den and went right back inside , leaving the lobster outside. Hmmm wonder if she will eat it later??????
Around midnight I heard a loud noise coming from Jetta's tank, I got up and got the flashlight. Much to my surprise, Jetta was trying to get the lobster into her den :shock: but it was just to big, so she just ate it right there. This morning all that is left is the shell. Man she must have been really hungry :roll: She is now all cozy and cumfy in her den with a big belly :lol:
Great to hear that she's doing so well Deb! Sometimes noises can be heard when they using their beaks to break the prey's shell. It's amazing how strong those little thing are.
ok I have a question: Jetta is very protective of her den, even when i try to clean the tank or just maint. and water changes. When got Jetta she had one tent that had some damage on the end. I ambasically figuring that she is a female. Do males protect their den as well as females? Could I have a male? Just wondering due to her prosistance of me not being inthe tank close to her den.
In the wild dens are sometimes not as easy to find with predatory fish, eels and other octos occupying other dens. Octopus don't feel as secure without their dens as they would have no place of retreat so maybe thats why they are so protective. Gradually as Jetta starts interacting more, she will feel mor comfortable with hand etc coming near her den.

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