New Octo!!!!


Feb 27, 2003
Well the new Octo came today... What a beauty :rainbow: I know she is alreay full rgown but its amazing. she is kinda reddish brown most of the time but has a beautiful blue hue to her. Anyway her are some pics of Jetta :biggrin2:
she has already eaten three large frozen shrimp that i thawed and is prolly looking for more... Was so cool right off the bat she ate from my hand :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:
Paper work says that this is a Briareus, I got up this morning to check on Jetta. I used small flashlight as not to disturb her, and WOW, when the flashlight found her she was glowing a kinda greenishneon blue :mrgreen: Was true beautiful. She has calmed down since yesterday, whata day. I bought Jetta from 5th Day aquatics here in Dallas, which i must say was a very pleasant experience, enormous amounts of contact from them.

When i first opened the bag to see her she shot me with a jet of water right in the face,LOL. Then i tested th water inthe bag, everything was the same as my tank accept fot Ph, the bag Ph was 7.0 and my tank was 8.0, so i took an extra long time to acclim. After i had filled the bag, then emptied, then filled it again, I was in the process of empting the bag for the second time, thats when this huge octo decided she had had enough :shock: out she was coming, I had the bag 2 1/2 feet off the floor trying to get her into the tank, then she had almost all of her tent.s flying out of the water like some kinda of horror film, I freaked, I had kids screeming to shut the lid, they had never seen anything that big before LOL, the dogs were going nuts,,man what a day,,, then i gave her a pc of shrimp and she went quietly down to the bottom of the tank and ate. Then het tent. came back up to the top of the tank so I went over and gave her another shrimp and she ast there and ate. I tried to ofer her another and she refused it, pushing it away until i started to remove it from the tank, then she came up lightning fast and grabbed my hand :shock: I almost pissed my pants, she had my whole hand covered :goofysca: I gave her the shrimp and she retreated :P after eating she went to the back of the tank and set up home i guess in a strawberry pot, which as a background to her blue color is outstanding. so far so good.

yeah, my big briareus climbed straight out the bucket and flopped onto my hands!
Excellent!!!! I can picture eveything!!! Even the panic :mrgreen: !! They sure have a mind of their own don't they??

Good luck with her!!!


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