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new octo from saltwaterfish.com

Nov 8, 2004
i got my new octopus about 10 days ago. it is a bimac. mantle length about 2 inches and legs are about 6. hwo old do you think he/she is. i named it ocho. the last octo i had was a briareus. and i had her for 14 months and she was my first octo. not bad for only being 19. i have my own saltwaterfish business setting up custom tanks and doing maintance for daycares. i let her out of the smaller encloser last night ans she loves the 100 lbs of live rock i have in my 150 gallon tank designed for octos. well let mek now if you have any questions or anything ele.
thanx everyone
Congratulations on your new octopus! Have you named it yet? I'd like to add it to the List of Our Octopuses.

A bimac of that size might be about 4 months old, but they grow at different rates and it depends on food and other factors, so it's impossible to determine the age exactly.

Have you looked at the Bimac Care Sheet?
Cephalopod Care
I know it's difficult to tell on a small octo, but you should find that the ring pattern matches that of the first photo in the care sheet. The reason I mention this is that I know of no one supplying bimacs at this moment.

Just looked at the site where you bought your octo. The photo looks like a briareus and the source is the Caribbean.

(if you do have a briareus, you already know it's a good octopus to keep)

this is my second octo so i know quite a bit for only being 20. this one i got is a bimac because it does have the blue ring blow each eye but only shows them ocasionally when he/she wants to. the first octo i had was from ebay and it was a beriarius. andi haad her for 14 months. and was a wonderfun creature i enjoied every day i had her. thsi new octo seems a lot more friendly and curious. the octos name is ocho and i have had her for about a month now. and doing great. eats live snails/hermits and raw shrimp from a feeder stick. let me know if anyone has questions and i would recomend to order from these guys if your willing to spend $97.97 after shipping to me from florida to ohio.
let me know what you all think

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