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New guy


Pygmy Octopus
Jul 10, 2005
Im a new guy to the whole octopus thing. Ive done quite some reaserch on it and am going to get a sump ready. Right now i have a 55 gallon with an epreor 400 biowheel filter for up to 80 gallons a seaclone protien skimer, heater, airstone and a power head for waterflow, very fine sand substrate. So basicaly its your run of the mill fish only tank. Ive had it cycling for about 4 months now and i want to upgrade it for an octo. Im going to be getting a 600gph overflow system and a return pump, i have gotten lights specific for octos and will get glass tops i will cut the glass to the exact size of the external overflow system and use a silicon sealent on it. I will also use a sealent on the back ends of the glass tops cause i know how strong those octos are. There will also be a thing to block the octopus from going through the overflow and into the sump ( heard stories about that happening) the ammonia nitrite and nitrate in my tank are 0 the ph is 8.1 and the copper lvl is 0 salinity is about 1.024-1.025. I plan to get live rock in there for the octo to hide in and zip tie the live rock to pvc pipe to prevent the octo from toppeling the rock and i will also use an aquarium safe glue to stack the live rock(yes its cured). The octo i plan to get is a two spot and i will feed it frozen squid and frozen silver sides. I was wondering if there was anything i was forgeting to make the octo feel at home and where i could get a two spot octo.
Welcome to TONMO.com Wygreph! You've come to the right place. I'm sure you'll find our Cephalopod Care forums (and the experts within) very helpful, and it sounds like you'll have a lot to offer there as well. Looking forward to pics and progress!
Hi and Welcome - glad to see you're getting ready to get your first octo!

My two cents - If you click up above (on the tool bar) on Ceph Care and scroll down there is a Checklist article on what to do and and Equipment List article that is very very helpful. It's what I referred to before getting mine. It's very comprehensible and any other questions you have you can post. Those article really should cover everything before getting your new little one. You can also search and research different topics on this site for past threads and questions too.

But again, everyone here is knowledgable on a ton of different things!

So, welcome and keep posting and let us know what you get!
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com! :welcome:

I assume by Two Spot Octopus your mean Octopus bimaculoides, what we refer to as the bimac. This octopus is now tank bred by Octopets and they will have a new generation of little bimacs ready soon. They are just north of San Diego, down in bimac country!

I've put together a Bimac Care Sheet - be sure to have a look at it. It's available from our Ceph Care page, where you'll find the other articles as well (click on the Ceph Care button above). Bimacs feed on crustaceans and shellfish, so I'm not sure how well a bimac would receive squid and silverfish. Also, you need to provide some live food like small crabs. As for frozen, thawed frozen shrimp would be more appealing to most bimacs.

You probably won't need a heater - the problem will be keeping the tank from getting too warm.

Most of us get by by carefully stacking our rocks and glueing some together. My bimac took my largest, most heavy piece of live rock and toppled it by digging under it and pushing -she was in den buidling mode. You need to make sure that there are caves of various sizes and that no rock can fall easily on the bimac. After my experience, I think that all tanks should have some shells and lighter building materials so that the octo doesn't always have to move the big stuff!


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