New Forum: Cthulhu


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May 30, 2000
Not exactly sure what took me so long, but here we are. I'm happy to announce the new Cthulhu forum! :cthulhu: Our moderator is Erich Orser. Thanks Erich!

Please excuse me while I go move Cthulhu discussions to this new forum...

Thanks Tony ! We feel like the stars aligned, and the moss covered crypts have been unfettered, whilst alien intelligences grope at our mind gates !
Hmm, those other Cthulhu threads were starting to take up a little space. Consolidation of gibbering madness was definitely called for. Thanks, Tony!
are you nuts? Cthulhu'd probably give Tony the silver key for all of the promotion !

All kidding aside, it is nice to have all of the miscellaneous information gathered into one area, and should pull in some new can't love Cthulhu without loving cephs, and the more people we have out there interested in marine conservation, the better !

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