New Ceph items out there...

Apr 7, 2004
Brothers & Sisters,

As always I am out there searching for new ceph items to pique my interests. I am constantly hunting down less cutesy, but more pieces with a little "umph" to them. This becomes so well known about friends and the office that they often send me things.

The first pic is of the new bad guy from the sequel to Pirates of the Carribean. They have played with the story a little and combined to nautical nightmares into one. Basically they have made Davey Jones the captain of the cursed Flying Dutchman. To that end they made this half-ceph, half-man monstrosity.

The second is of all things an antique tape measure. Very cool, but they wanted a lot for it and I just don't sew a lot of my own clothes. Kept the pic though in case I change my mind.


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Supposedly early 1900's and its use was for sewing. There is a starfish on the other side and the whole thing is pretty cool. Kind of heavy, but that is what you want from a piece like this.

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