New Ceph Items out there....

Apr 7, 2004
This is kind of a recurring theme with me.

I love cephs and I love to see them represented in art. Little things to decorate the home, body, and/or submarine with. If you would like to see others, just search under my username and see my other threads.

The latest I have seen are below:
The First is a lampwork style bead that is sometimes found on ebay.
The second is a snow sculptute at an ice festival. Apparently it got hungry and decided to eat a nearby snow ship.
The third is an Asian design silver bowl.


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Some more...

I also recently found some more personal and let's say desktop jewelry.

The first piece is a golden octopus clinging to a necklace. It is unique as it is not a charm hanging from a necklace by a loop, but actually holding the necklace itself.
The second is a desktop cardholder which I just love.
The third, its brother, is simply a desktop piece that hangs around watching his bigger brother hold your business cards.


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