New but yet so old


Mar 15, 2003
I am so happy to find a sight that can offer me a knowledge base of information. But also make it fun to learn. I got my first bimac in 1971 and enjoyed it to no end it taugh me alot in the intellance of something so
Weird at the time. It would leave its tank and check out the fresh water tank next to it. I don't really know if it liked the fresh water but it sure did like the crayfish I kept in it. It would grab the crayfish and drag it back to its cave in the 70 gallon tank where it lived. I now have 4 saltwater tanks one of the salt water tanks is still that one from 1971 and 3 fresh water tanks plus a pond in the back yard. My other thing's of interest are my cobra's I have 32 different varieties also 2 capuchin monkey's mynah birds, sugar glider's,marmaset monkey's,ect.
Wow, a saltwater tank from 1971, cool! Does it have a "retro" look, or is it just boring glass? :smile:

Welcome to -- we're glad you've found us!!!

LOL makes you think of an aquarium with a Lava Lamp effect in it? LOL

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