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New Bimac


Jul 23, 2006
Today I went to the LFS and in 4 little containers they had "tank raised" octo's. I picked out the healthiest one and after looking at him, he appears to be O. Bimac
His mantle is about the size of a large grape does anyone have any guesses on how old he might be? I was also wondering if there is any other octopus species that have blue spots on them that would lead me astray in ID'ing him? Here is some pics for you:



Thanks for your time!
If they're tank-raised they probably are Bimacs. At least I haven't heard of tank-raising any other species currently so I could be wrong.
I hate to sound obsessed with O. Filosus but the best I can tell they are very similar in appearance to Bimacs and also have the eye spots, and come from the Caribbean which would be convenient for Florida.

Congratulations anyhow. That's a tiny one :smile:
I doubt they are tank raised since I asked him what kind they were before I saw the blue spots and he said "just normal atlantic octopus" plus thats kinda rare to find tank raised octo's
He does have rust like spots on his body which I think is his normal coloration but its hard to tell since he just got acclimated lol.
This is my second octopus, my first one was alot larger and older. I had him for about a week or two before he died. Where are you guys ordering your food now?
If it is tank raised and has eyespots, it is 99% that he's a bimac. My LFS got one in too and someone that was waiting for an octo for a long time got him. He was a cute little guy, and the owner gave him for wholesale ($45). Sadly, I saw that guy today (that's not the sad part) and I learn that his Bimac is dead, and his tank is hardly suitable for an octo. Thirty gallons, anemones, feather dusters, damsels, the works. And he put the Brearius (sp? possible Briareus?) we have on hold until he gets his water tested. I hope this guy has a little better fate since he's older.
ouch^ that stinks! Im almost positive he is a Bimac
He ate his first hermit crab last night!!!!!! Im so excited to feed him more. Today he is gonna get some gut loaded ghost shrimp. Do you guys think this is an ok diet because he is so small I dont think I will find much other live food that is the appropraite size to feed him. I can try snails but do they eat snails? I was under the impression that some did and some didnt but I cant imagine them pulling a snail out of its shell. I think the fiddler crabs and the crayfish from aquaculturestore would be to big of a fight for him. Im going to try frozen but most small ones dont usually take to it untill they get a little older. Is this an ok diet
Live crabs are very good food. He might also eat small snails. Ghost shrimp are freshwater and not so nutritious. You might try small pieces of thawed frozen shrimp - he might take them.

There are many species with false eye spots (ocellus), so this in itself is not an indication of the species. If you look at the Bimac Care Sheet in the articles, you'll find a good photo of a bimac ocellus. It's hard to see the false eye spot on a tiny octopus - you may have to wait a bit. Taking a photo and then enlarging it on your screen may give you a better view.

I didn't know if I should have fed it anything else. I bought two crabs but I held all the live food in my 125g
and the crabs escaped into the rocks. My biggest regret is those crabs. Came home last night to find one picking on my open brain coral.:banghead:
haha thanks guys! Ya, I knew of the ghost shrimp not being very nutritious for SW fish/inverts because they are fatty and dont have much proteins. My little guy is eating hermits for now, Im about to try giving him a snail and a hermit and see which one he eats. Tonight I will try some frozen shrimp! It just doesnt seem like much substance [a small hermit crab] almost like "wheres the meal in that?" ya'know?
Well, I gave him a peice of krill and I think he ate some of it. He held onto it for a while but when I gave him the krill I also gave him a snail which he hadnt seen yet. Once he saw the snail he dropped the frozen krill and attacked. The snail has been eaten now but he is still carrying the shell around, its kinda cute, even though the shell is almost the size of his head.
I feed my baby mercatoris live shore shrimp and frozen Cyclop-eeze. They are still in a large breeder net (about the size of a critter cage) so I can keep the food density heavy for the space but still keep the water clean. I put in several shrimp at one time and don't restock until there is only one left. I feed the Cyclop-eeze using a plastic pipette every night (mercs are nocturnal). It takes awhile to feed them (they prefer it highly diluted and will blow it away if it is too dense) but it give me the opportunity to interact with them with hopes that they will recognize the food slave once they are released to the tank. Most nights they assume filter feeding position as soon as they see me (or maybe the pipette).

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