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New Bimac also


Feb 27, 2003
I have had Sam for three weeks now, It looks just like Nancy's cute little thing( congrats Nancy, love the pics) This is such an amazing creature. I'm feeding Sam live clams and snails, it really doesnt care to chase the shrimp around the tank, but watching Sam open clams, that is really a National Geographic moment in this house. On much thought I am not going to change the CC substrate out for sand, the little bristle worms are really cleaning up after the octo. and keeping the tank clean. Plus the kids get a kick out of watching them too. This site, and Nancy's personal atten. in helping me with this great pet has been unmeasurable. Thank you so much for all the help and the future Ceph care ya'll have givin to me. I wouldn't have even taken the plunge without your guidence :biggrin2:
Thats great!

Glad to read that your bimac is doing well also!

nancy has been keeping me up to date :smile:

Isn't is funny that Sam will eat only clams and snails, while my bimac Ollie likes shrimp (ghost and shore shrimp), crabs, and recently snails. There's a live clam in the tank, but Ollie doesn't seem to know it's food - yet! He's still very young and learning.

I got the octo from a very well trust LFS here in Dallas.
As you know Nancy, I went out of town for spring break last week, when we got home, hubby is now hooked. He watched her for me and boy has she grown. It is amasing what they eat and wont eat. She doesnt care for me too much, but seems to adore my 10yr old daughter. She or he comes out for her and has even climbed on her hand exploring her fingers, was way cool and my daughter is fasinated. This octo even goes fishing! Sam climbs up to the top of the tank and curls up like a dead spider in the corner of the tank, with one tentacle waving in the current at the top of the water line, when a fish comes to investigate, bye bye fish. She has even had three fish, one in each tent at a time before retreating to her cave and eating, just way cool :biggrin2:

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