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New Baby Coming!


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Moderator (Staff)
Nov 20, 2002
I went on OctoPets website and see a baby bimac is only $25.00, including shipping??????? Is this possable???? I ordered one. So, I will be a 2 octo household shortly!!!!! Figured even if that was a mistake, shipping would be 30 or so.

Just curious what were all your babies fees?

I am excited!!! Just have to decide who gets the bigger tank!!!! I'm thinking of moving Lil P but, he seems happy where he is.


Congrats!! :D

I got Ochi from octopets, and everything went smoothly. I would recommend Jim to anyone based of my experience with them. Ochi was 25 plus shipping. When is your octo comming!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

Good luck and congrats again!!! :D
I've got none either :(

You just couldn't help it, could you Carol? :)

I hope things go smoothly! Do you know when the baby is coming, I can imagine the kids are gonna be excited!
:D :D :D :D He's coming today by noon!!!!! Did massive waterchange on Inks tank. I am so excited!!! Will keep everyone posted!!! Maybe I will have a sibling too!!!! :D

And Joel.....I couldn't resist!!!! I am surprised I did as long as I did!!! I like having Octos from one end of the house to the other!!!!

Jess doesn't know yet.....Wait till she see's that truck pull up in front of the house!!!!! Also ordered more fiddler crabs!!! They arrive next Wed!

Thanks for all the congrats!!!

Do we have a squishy on this site????? Not sure yet..... I get to name this one, as my son named Ink and Jessica named Lil Pumpkin!!

I'm open to suggestions!!!

He's here in NJ, actually next town over.....They should have been here by now.........But delivery is guaranteed by noon but hopefull he'll be here shortly!!!!

How exciting - nother sibling arriving today. Hope all goes well.

It's hard for me to watch all these baby bimacs arriving and not have one myself!

Looking forward to some pics of the little guy, and finding out what his name is.

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