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need info on New cuttlefish

May 20, 2006
I just got a new cuttlefish today and i would like some info on it , im not sure what breed it is and any help with that will be appreciated, also right now all it does is lay around is this normal cuttlefish behavior ( just got it today) and im relly nervious because its my first cleph.


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First, :welcome:

Next, if you haven't already, read the articles on cuttlefish at the top o the page.

How big is your cuttle? How long did you acclimatize it? How big is your tank? What else is in your tank? What type of food do you have for your cuttle?

Good luck!
yea i read all of the cuttle articles on this page and many others , i just got mit today but at the store they said minnows is what they feed him, 30 gal. , i dont have anything else in the tank, just posted pics
Cuttlefish eat crustaceans like shrimp and crabs. Feeding them only freshwater fish is not a good idea because fish don't have the same nutritional value as salt water. You can try frozen, defrosted, uncooked (it will be gray instead of pink) shrimp from the grocery store. You will probably have to move it around for the cuttle to take it. Hard to ID the cuttle from the pictures...
Has a strong bandensis look and feel, 'though...

In which case it's an adult, but let's not jump tot conclusions :smile:

During the day Cuttles like to just hang out and chill on the bottom
I got mine used to a twilight set up
where I have two light in the morning the soft yellow one come on. then shortly thereafter a bright blue one come on
after the blue one come on he sort of just plays in the sand and relaxs at night i turn the blue on off and he begins the evening hunt for crabs and shrimp
and when the yellow one goes off he starts playing.
coming to the surface and playing in the water flow.
its also first day so he might be scared
throw in some fiddler crabs to get him thinking about killing instead of being killed.
Thanks for all of the help any other tips would be great . i was relly worrried about it just laying around but as far as what you said thats norrmal for the first day. he isnt in the same spot but is still burried in the sand, does anyone know how long it will ususaly take a cuttle to get used to the tank+ are live clams an acceptible food (got 1 in the tank )
no hes the only one in the tank + attached more pics


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yea like exactly, tried to feed him the shelles clam with the feeding stick, seemed intrested for a little while but then got bored and went ontop of a rock and is just hangin out now, i got the tank temp up 2 about 76 Degrrese now but if its an officianalis thats bad
honestly i think it looks like the officianalice but im not 100 % sure although the ppl at my lLFS said it grew to be pritty big i couldnt take there word for it ( the store ids usualy on with everything but didnt know the breed so i got nervios) aso i left the temp in the 70 s cause thats what they had it at...... What should i do
i no but that can wait until he grows a little more, but wat should i do about the temp cause honestly both eyes on the both breeds looked alike but the officianalice was the clossest one but i could definatly be wrong( eyes look like a W)

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