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need help identifying!


Feb 2, 2008
i've found an octopus on saltwaterfish.com and i'm not sure what species it is. If no one can tell me the species is it a warm water species? any information at all would be helpful.
I'm not seeing pictures or a link...

Most species that you're likely to find in the trade want relatively warm water. Actual bimacs want it a bit cooler, but they're not really easy to get, so if you order through an LFS or online supplier, you're likely to get a tropical species.
They say their octopus is from the Caribbean. Some months ago, they had O. hummelincki, and many of them didn't do well for the Tonmo people who purchased them.

You should search on saltwater.com on the TONMO.com forums to see what you find. You could also phone saltwaterfish.com and ask them about their octopuses.

Don't count on the photo - that might not be what you're getting.

No sharks, no stinging corals.


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