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Need a name...

Mar 22, 2007
I'm planning to get a bimac soon, and I am cycling a 90 gallon tank at the moment, but I have one problem... I have an utter lack of creativity and cannot for the life of me think of a name for the little guy. :confused:

If anybody can come up with some good suggestions, I'd appreciate it a lot. So far I have been only able to come up with names such as:

Freddy Krueger (I'm leaning toward this one)
I'm naming mine Raul and Davey Jones, per request of my friends.

I was leaning towards Launch Octopus, because I'm a huge fan of the Megaman X videogame series. And Launch Octopus was a little bastard in that game.
i agree with jean. wait til you see him(her?). a name will come to you. or open a book and close your eyes and point. of course my folks just made up my name. they wanted a name nobody ever had. then you can claim it means whatever you want, like zyan, the enlightened one. or some other equally crazy thing!!!! zy

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