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Nautilusfreak;122102 said:
which kind of fish stores would you think be able to order nautiluses? I knew petsmart couldnt be one, was just making sure, but petco sells saltwater fish

I wouldn't even buy damsels from Petco. There's a reason everything is cheaper there, and it generally shows in the health of the livestock. I seriously doubt if they could order you one, or would even know what one is.

You need to find a reputable local fish store that is dedicated to marine fish. That's where you'll be much more likely to find someone who knows what they're talking about and what you're talking about. If you can find one talk to the owner or at least the highest person on the company ladder. Develop a relationship and hopefully you will be able to have them find you one at the local wholesaler and either bring it straight to you or have you pick it up before it's acclimated into another tank before you pick it up and reacclimate it again, causing much unnecessary stress. That's the best way to get any animal special ordered. I've found that no matter how many times I ask some stores to order me this or that, they say "Oh sure, we'll find you one," and then next time you talk to them they say "You want a what?".

Better yet, if you can find your local marine aquarium society you might be able to find a member who has access to the local wholesaler and find one for you without the fish store price markup.

Where do you live? We might be able to point you in the right direction.

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