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Nautilus Questions


Sep 24, 2003

I would like to try keeping a Nautilus, in a dedicated tank to themselves.

My question are:

Is a 75gal aquarium big enough?

What kind of decore/Substrate if any?


Last but not least, am I just destining the animal for death? I would not like to do that, is there any possibility for success? I mean past 6months. If that's all it will live, I would rather leave it in the ocean to live a long happy life rather then in my home for a few months.

Hi there and welcome to TONMO.com!

There is one question to ask before you bother about tank size and filtration etc and that is,

Will you be able to get a chiller and keep the water at a level suitable for them? That is, in the low sixties F

Chillers are expensive and are a total necessity for nautiluses, otherwise leave them in the ocean. They have a very low survivability record in captivity especially in home aquaria.

There are plenty other cephs that are easier to keep and dare i say, much more interesting... They are a bit like a floating snail in a tank :smile:

I wouldn't mind buying the proper stuff for them, but it seems its certain death for them even with the right equiptment, so, I'll leave them be in the sea and watch Discovery Channel to see them :smile:

Where is a good online retailer for Octos/Squids? Seems hard to find one.

Live Aquaria only stocks one kind now, I know there are others.


(Thanks for the welcome also) :smile:
:welcome: to Tonmo TheOtherDay!
www.fishsupply.com of course

Here's a link for all you need to know and more about keeping octos.


I suggest reading Don't Fear the Raptor: An Octopus In the Home Aquarium and several other articles. There was a topic about someone having a nautilus in some place here, it passed on in a month or so.
Also read the stuff in the ceph care section and add your tank to the OCTO database.

Have Fun!! :smile:

Don't forget your pantyhose net!

Thanks everyone for all the information. I think we are just going to stick with the octo.

We're thinking about using one of those new Oceanic 30 gallon cube tanks, any objections to that?

I figure if I drill in an overflow and return, I can then seal the top of the tank with velcro around the full glass top it comes with and have no protruding filters or wires so it can't sneak out.

Is live rock better or just regular serile decor?

I'm in NY/NJ area.. There really are no good LFSs around here without driving several hours, so I'd just stick with mail order :smile:
If you plan to get a bimac, you might consider a 50-gallon tank - have a look at the pic under Journals and Photos (Big Ollie). Ollie is in a 46 gallon tank and it is none too large for him. The adult bimacs are a bit bigger than we anticipated.


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