O. vulgaris
Apr 12, 2007
i am going o get a octopus or a cuttlefish, and i want to know what to name it. any suggestions. also i dont know if its gonna be a boy or a girl. i am thinking of boy names right now but i want to hear girl names also. i have thought of Gir, the little robot dog from invader zim, he is soo cool. or Jeff, my kindergarden teacher who never gave up on me.:smile: i am open to all suggestions, but please dont post it if it is nonsense. like u-turn, or corndog.:sagrin:
Some feel it's best to wait and get a feel for your friends personality (and they do have them!). At the aquarium where I work we get kids to name them usually, unless we want it to tie in with a theme, for example the past school holidays we had a pirate theme so our octis were called "Cap'n Black Beak" and "Long John Slither" only HE turned out to be SHE and is now "Long Jenny Slither" :roll:

Other names we've had have been:

Harry (Houdini), Henry (the Wiggles), Mrs Henry (the Wiggles again only female), Dr Mike (Local GP), Plasma (Kids named), Trev (Kids named), Bob (kids named), Octavius (Kids named), O'Shea (in honour of Dr O'Shea's visit), Earle (in honour of Dr Sylvia Earles visit) and so on!


Look at the List of Our Octopuses at the top of the Journals and Photos forum. You can see what names people have chosen for their octopuses in the past.


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