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My wonderpuss

Doing well in Brighton now, loving his enclosure there!

They have "horns" over the tops of the eye stalks which I don't think mimics have, also the wonderpuss has more distinct bands of colour and banding where the mimic is more random and not as neat!

I think anyhoo

A wholesaler I deal with currently has 3 of them and there is another store who advertises on line who has a pic of one on their invert page. I guess all this publicity will bring them back into the lime light and cause another wave of people seeking them out creating a domino effect demand for them.
While they are beautiful animals, there are other species like O.bimaculoides that offer much more personality and are much easier to keep. I hope you have good luck with yours and be carful of bright lights. I noticed white milky spots in the center of the eyes on mine that is fairly common with members of the horridus complex. No one know for sure what causes it but it may be either light intensity or spectrum.

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