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My wonderpuss

such a dark shade of green envy I have for you right now...oh my...you lucky bast$%#.
Brighton, not sure on the price tag, i'll have to look into it.

The Octo it's self doesn't seem too keen on interacting with me and spends a lot of time digging in it's substrate looking for food, thus we are using crangon crangon as food, a shrimp species which burries as well as worms and things.

Nice tho eh!
absolutely unbelievable...I have only seen them in documentaries...oh, to be in merry old England right now ! :mrgreen:
Wow!! What a magnificent animal! Interesting he's not interested in interacting. One of the local shops here in Jersey had mentioned they were getting one of these in. Guess they are becoming more available.

Very impressive! Isn't it extremely rare to have the mimic in captivity? I know Dr. James Woods' site an article posted about why it's a bad idea... If I remember correctly, one reason was because no one knows much about them -- or how many of the species actually exist...

That's quite an acquisition, do provide us with details about his/her behavior! 8)
Hi Tony

you are right enough about the article against keeping wunderpus and mimics as pets and i dont like it either... I have had a lot of info about their scarcity given to me and last i hear a mimic went for £200! Bearing in mind that the octo is fully grown and with perhaps only a month lef to live then its not a good deal and oviosly not for the octo either.

It has been suggested that they could be quite venemous too...

The article was by Dr Caldwell and Chris Shaw
The Octo came in by mistake with a Japanese Order that we placed for some sharks and Sea Moths which is slightly bizzare! He hasn't shown any sign of mimicing anything other than a hungry octopus.

I've seen no signs of agression towards me and when I have watched it feed on live prawns and shrimp they don't die all that quickly so i'd be sceptical of them being venomous, or more so than most anyway!

Seems to enjoy spending most of it's time sat under plants and rocks and foraging around in the substrate though. Fantastic!

I'm trying to shrink some more down, i've got some fantastic blue ring pics but they are around 15MB each, far too big to be uploading onto here!

I'll see what I can do!
As far as i have read they have not had much luck getting mimics to do any mimicing in captivity and as far as i am concerned people see what they want to see and i dont think they are really mimicing anything...

Also, I cant tell from the pic whether it is wunderpus or mimic??? But from one guy i know who kept a mimic for sevral months it mostly hid in deep sand substrate...

Would love to see more Nigel pics :smile:
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