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My octopus is retarded


Pygmy Octopus
Dec 18, 2003
So I got an octopus about a month ago. When he arrived he was already full grown, tentacles about a foot from head to tip. Ever since I introduced him to the tank he has sat on the back panel of glass near the surface. He moves around in that corner, but never leaves that spot on the glass. I was told that the damsels I had in the tank might be scaring him. So, I removed them. That didn't have any affect.

I have been feeding him live shrimp I get from the local bait and tackle store. He has happily accepted them up until a few days ago. Now all he does is kill the shrimp and drop it to the ground. He has done this on more than a few occasions.

My question is: 1. Why hasnt he moved from the glass? Octo's are supposed to be curious animals.
2. What should I feed him? I was thinking about trying hermit crabs, but they seem kinda expensive.

oh, The tank is a standard 30 gallon. All the water quality requirements are met.

yes, was also my first guess when reading the posts... senescence

any idea what species you have???
Same guess here too, we discussed sometime back whether octo's could get senile, we don't know for sure though. DO you have a few shots of the octo? WOuld really like to see it. :smile:

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