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My Octopi

Zeus Zoso

Blue Ring
Nov 8, 2006
Hey all,
You may remember as being the hard-headed person that couldn't take any advice. Well I think I may have changed. I have 4 Bimacs, in a 60gallon with 30lbs of LR, some ls a bunch of snails and hermits, eheim canister filter and a CSS125. I started with 5 and gave one to the Marine Bio class at high school. They are amazing animals, I haven't really physically interacted with them, but I can see their eyes watching me at all times. When they go near each other they flash their colors and touch tentacles, sometimes the bigger one harasses the smallest one, but they all have their hiding spots. The ammonia spiked a little in the beginning but due to water changes and amquel is at 0 and params are good. They are getting so big. I named one Spikey, becuse when I got it it looked spikey lol. The one that hides all the time is named Squddish. The biggest one is named El Padre, and the real active one that I actually touched is named Hypo. :biggrin2:

All is well!
Feb 24, 2005
please tell me you plan on putting them in either a bigger tank later down the road or multiple... they may be fine now while they are small in the 60 but when they get larger the tank will experience major chemical inbalances due to the waste they produce.... usually its 1 octo for 50+ gallons not 4
Feb 24, 2005
anyway whatever... my point still stands whether they are hardy or not... lock a bunch of people in a house without a bathroom and yeah someones gonna get sick and die
Oct 13, 2005

I, in no wy agree with the saying that octopuses are hardy. I also think it's wrong to keep them all in a tank that small. I told him repeatedly not to get that many, but to no avail.


IMO, you haven't changed that much when you keep 4 octos in a tank that is the recommended size for 1.


TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
the water volume might be sufficient for 4 young bimacs, but it's certainly going to be a problem should they all grow to full adult size, so as a short-term home it might be OK. As was pointed out in that other thread, though, releasing them to the wild may be unwise or illegal, but I expect that things will not end well if they all live to adulthood in that sized tank, and it's likely to get pretty cruel if the water quality goes bad in that process.

In all fairness, note that Zeus did mention that he's seen that his earlier thinking was misguided, and he doesn't say in his post that this is intended as a long-term situation. I'd like to see things work out for these octos to get a long, healthy, happy life, and I'm not sure that jumping all over Zeus is the best way to get to that end.

Of course, that doesn't mean Zeus's long-term strategy is good, just that I think it might be premature to say it's known to be bad, since he hasn't said what it is.

Let's keep it civil and productive, ok?

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