My new shoes

dwhatley;99560 said:
I could not resist:

Curious. These are marked as Vans and inside the shoe it says made in USA (they were shipped from mainland China) but there is a line above that that has been blacked out with marker.

Hahah, great shoes.

They are likely a Vans ripoff. My girlfriend bought herself a "Prada" purse in New York City at a Chinese shop for next to nothing. I've been in a Bazaar before that had lots of ripoff high-dollar items for cheap. They have been raided several times for selling imitation stuff. Nothing unheard of.
I have no clue as to the authenticity of brand (nor do I care and they were not advertised as Vans and I just wanted the Octo shoes - wish they had been cheaper though) but was more curious to know if Vans actually marked shoes as made in USA but had them assembled in China. You more likely have a grasp on the reality though and these are made to be sold outside the US as brand names that they are not.

I have seen the Prada ripoffs on eBay but I have also seen notes suggesting that the cheaper products were well made. However, I have had the occassion to buy a couple of Prada items for my daughter and the quality is very high, not justifying the retail price but excellent quality if you agree to pay for it (not me!).
I had seen them advertised as Vans for kids and was jealeous so when they showed up in adult size I had to have them!

They also have a pair with glow in the dark green octos but I don't think I would have worn them where these are just within my limits of weird clothes (expanded greatly as I enter the red hat age group)
they are actually a good looking knock off and vans does make similar ones for kids. dylan tried to con us into a pair of vans at journeys recently, they were VERY similar, but sharks instead of octos (and they were for boys), so i think you got a killer deal, even with the price, vans arent cheap, the ones dylan wanted in a very small people size were 40 dollars. very cool shoes though, oh and i agree with you about the quality thing, knock offs can vary in quality however, some can be really decent:smile: awesome find!
I remember one of Debbie's assistents buying several pairs of octo shoes but if I remember right they had a different (and nicer) design. I would have gotten a pair but her assistent bought the only ones they had.
PM me if you want to try to find Dylan a pair of the kids octo Vans (might be rip-offs) as I have seen them on eBay and thought about getting them for the grand kids (actually, I would love to find the sharks and will look for those for my grandson because I know he will wear them, not so sure about the octos).

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