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My New Octopus


Mar 2, 2005
Hi everyone

I am new here and on the weekend my husband bought us an octopus. My husband has had 30 years experience in marine keeping - so he is not a complete novice. We are in Australia
We bought him at our local Aquarium - not sure what type he is. The lady at the aquarium said he had been eating frozen bait shrimp. When we got him home, that night, we put a shrimp in the tank - by the following morning it was still there. We did the same the next night, it was there the following morning. We rang the aquarium and was told that maybe he would prefer live food(crabs or periwinkles). So we went to the beach and caught a couple of small crabs and a few periwinkles and then put them into the tank. The following morning we only noticed one crab left - but saw no evidence that the other was eaten (it may have been buried under the sand). This morning, we couldd not see the other crab, and our Octopus (Henry)was up at the waterline just sticking to the glass...

Does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions/information that may help us "newbies"
thanks for listening
Hello & :welcome: I'm no expert but I've seen enough threads like this to be able to give a little advice... Don't worry if the octos not eating (or at least doesn't apear to be) It takes them a while to get used to their tanks, and sometimes do not begin to eat until after long periods of adjustment time. But as for the clinging to the glass at the waterline, I have no clue what thats about. Sorry :confused:
:welcome: to you and to Henry!! (Love the name) I have found my octos don't eat every day, especially depending on the size of the meal. For instance G2, my current octo had a 4" crab 2 days ago and is just now looking for more. As to him on the glass, is he watching you? Sometimes it does take some time for them to adjust to a new environment. Being he ate, and if you are sure your water quality is good, I wouldn't worry just yet!

Enjoy!!! Any pics yet???

Thanks Nick & Carol
You have at least put my mind at ease a little. If he did eat at least one of the crabs the other night - would there at least be some remnants of the crab in the bottom of the tank???

I do have pics - just trying to figure out how to put them in (not very computer literate)
NP! But yes, if the octo being a very cleanly animal ate the crab it probally would have removed the scraps from its home, and they would be lying around. But I wouldn't worry.
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