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My first octopus tank!


Mar 29, 2005
I'm about to start creating my first tank for an octopus.
The tank size will be 720 liters (190 gallons) with the dimensions 2 meters x 0.6 meter x 0.6 meters.

I don't know what kind of squid i will put in it (it depends on what I can get) - but it will be some kind of correl reef squid.
Except from live rocks what can I use to decorate my tank (ie. correls, plants, mussels)?
Are there any other animals I can put in the tank without having the squid eating them (ie. fishs, shrimps, sea stars)?
Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

You mention this is an octopus tank, but then you write about getting a squid.

If the inhabitant of your tank is going to be an octopus, you could have a starfish or a brittlestar. Also, although some of your snails may get eaten, others will survive. As the octopus grows, he will lose intererst in small hermit crabs, so you can keep these to clean your tank.

We don't recommend fish or anything that might sting, like anemones.

Welcome to Tonmo ! Sounds like a cool tank...what kind of filtration,etc are you going to be using???
I don't know yet where from all my equipment will come from.
However I do know this:

The aquarium, aquarium stand and lighting will be Akvastabil Effect-line:

Then I will ad a sump (don't know if I will make it myself) containing filters, a skimmer, a reversed osmosis system, an air pump a heater with a thermostat and of course the sand, decoration and animals.

Do you have a good guide on how to make your own sump and how big must the sump be compared to the aquarium?

The estimated prize of the aquarium will be about $4,000.00 :cool2:

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