My first O. Hummelincki

Aug 13, 2009
I just got this little guy (or gale) a few weeks ago. I've been checking it out at the store I go to for water for my weekly water changes every time I went there. This animal was so pretty siting there changing colors and textures like a living kaleidoscope.


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No name yet. I'm not great at naming things. Plus I just appreciate it for what it is without degrading with a human name. But I was thinking of "Bubbles" lol. Just because it's always balled up and all of it's tiny suckers look like bubbles.
I think this animal is just absolutely stunning. I love the black and white pattern it exhibits like the pictures above. That body pattern is my favorite of this species.
So this should be a diurnal species then? I have it inside a small plastic box with some sand and a small rock that it sits on. I don't see it crawling around much. It just sits in the middle like you see in the pictures above.
No. I've tried to sex it, but like I said it always stays balled up like the photos above. Plus it's still kind of small and I'm not the best at sexing these animals. The key is to look for the hectocotylus, which should be the third arm from the right correct? Well anyways I'll try to get some more pictures. I don't have the best camera so it takes me a little while to get a clear picture. Right now I'm feeding it krill, but it doesn't seem to enjoy that too much. I had my fiance get about five ghost shrimp and put them in there to see how it does with those. I'm also thinking about trying some small pieces of table shrimp. My O. Briareus loved those from day one.
The only recorded attempt with two hummelinicki saw the death of the weaker. O. hummelincki needs a 55 gallon tank stocked with a minimum of 55 pounds of LR and many places to den and hide, not a critter keeper with a single piece of LR.
agree with d......mine was always out cruising during the day...with that being said i am extremely jealous that you have such a small beautiful specimen...he would be alot happier roaming around...why do you have him in the critter keeper

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