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my cuttle died?


Apr 17, 2005
i purchased a cuttlefish two weeks ago from a lfs. it has been eatin gold fish for the past two weeks... yesterday i came home with a new batch of goldfish fot it. and i noticed the goldfish water in bag was slightly greenish.anyways i put gold fish in their temporary home with fresh water. and righ away i removed a gold fish with net to place in cuttle tank. dinner time. well the cuttle was waitin eagerly for its dinner and went straight for the goldfish. caught it and started to eat its soon to be last supper. this was at 5:00pm last nite.well this morning(7:00 am) it was out in the open and was swimming in circles in one spot .and would not chase goldfish today. and then at about noon today. i notice ink coming out of it slowly. i knew it was dying.too late..anyways thinking back now. i didnt realize that the green tint in the gold fish bag was probably copper. does anybody know if the gold fish could of contained trace amount of copper in its body, and when consumed by cuttle it resulted in its death? it just seemed to be so healthy and comfortable in its tank this last two weeks . also its only about 2" long so i dont believe it old yet. just confused and want to avoid this happening in the future.

Thanks for and help anyone could offer...
Sorry about the cuttle. It simply may have been old. Many/Most of the of the LFS cuttles are older and stressed from shipping and often don't last very long even if they are eating.
Hi reefin

I think that you are spot on about the copper issue. Its one reason why goldfish and perhaps other feeder fish shouldnt be used for cephs, as you know copper is lethal to marine inverts.

i believe it was a S. Bandensis(sp.?).it was about 1 3/4" to 2" in length.so i assume it was still somewhat young.it was doing great until i feed it a fish from the last batch. ive read that these guys spook easily. it never seem to be afraid of me. i would chase the goldfish to it with my hand.it would hid most of the day and then come out in the mornings or in the evenings.i would feed it and then it would go back to its rock after wards.the only time it received some stress was the first day i had it .it inked in the specimen container i was acclimatizing it in when we open the front door and walked in the house. ...hopefully ill some more today if all goes well. lfs ordered more for me....
what else do u people feed your bandensis cuttles? mollies,shrimp? i threw in a damsel and the thing has hiding for two weeks.only to see it here and there..its scrared of the big bad wolf after an attempted assasination by the sniper cuttlefish.

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